Our Mission

Equip our students with skills that will support them in achieving their greatest potential thereby having the power to change their trajectory in this world.

Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Our Opportunity

Women Are Key To a Healthy Economy

  • More than 9.1 Million firms are owned by woman
  • They employ nearly 7.9 million people
  • They generate 1.4 trillion in sales

Over half of college graduates today are woman, but the number of woman in business leadership roles has not caught up

…and this McKinsey study also shows that the common excuses such as woman are leaving the workforce to start families does not hold up.

E(ntrepreneurship) for Girls Program

E-School for Girls meets these challenges with a two-week summer intensive program at NYU designed to empower young women to become confident leaders and entrepreneurs. We strive to give rising High School juniors and seniors experiences that enable them to take initiative, pave their own paths and have the courage to achieve their own definition of success.

Supporters of Our Mission

Dalia Lamming

COMPTROLLER, TRANSPORT WORKERS UNION LOCAL 100 NYC Chapter of Transport Workers Union of America

Peipei Zhou

HEAD, FACEBOOK TECHSTART, Computer science and technology programs for underserved students

Tracy Edouard


Desiree Frieson

PROGRAM MANAGER, BLACKSTONE LAUNCHPAD Matching startup coaches with NYU entrepreneurs

Trisha Goyal


Susan Stehlik

NYU PROFESSOR, Management Communication

Deni Buchard

AUTHOR, Cures for Hunger, Vandal Love, Los Angeles Times, Outside, and Salon.com

Mona Patel

CO-FOUNDER, MOTIVATE DESIGN, User Experience Research and staffing shop

Janice Chong

CO-FOUNDER OF TEACHING GARAGE, Online engineering curriculum for elementary schools